"I'm jealous. I wish I'd been brave enough to be this rude."

"An excellent collection of commentary on current marketing beliefs. Very funny, very wise.

"Bob is the little child who points out that the emperor is wearing no clothes, while too many of his advertising colleagues go along with the hype because it pays their salaries. This man has a great sense of humour, plenty of relevant agency experience, courage. And his position is ethical, he cares about advertising/marketing and the consumer - the same can't be said for so many consultants peddling hype and fads to unwitting marketers."
                  Prof. Byron Sharp, Author How Brands Grow

101Contrarian Ideas About Advertising can be found here

In The News

AARP Bulletin recently ran a piece called "Selling Us Short." In it, they tell the story of the ridiculous ways the ad and marketing industries ignore the people with all the money. And they feature some quotes from Bob.

Marketers Prefer Clear Answers That Are Wrong To Vague Answers That Are Right

That's one of the conclusions of a new booklet we have published at Amazon called Quantum Advertising.

You can find it here.

Just Announced: Bob To Speak To Broadcaster's Group

Bob will be speaking to the Virginia Association of Broadcasters in June in Virginia Beach, VA.

Lotta People With Time On Their Hands

Bob's "Spotlight Lecture" at Advertising Week Europe, in London, has now drawn over 40,000 views on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Bob To Keynote At WAB

WAB just announced that Bob will be the Keynote Speaker at their 81st Annual Conference in Banff. Read about it here.

Congratulations To Sharon!

Sharon is leaving Type A to become President and Chief Creative Officer at RESO.

After consulting to RESO on creative matters, Sharon was asked to help lead the company. Reso is a very cool web-based platform that enables parents to quickly and easily discover, book, and pay for the best kids activities and experiences.

It is starting out in San Francisco but will be expanding its footprint quickly.

Sharon: "It's an amazing company and an amazing opportunity for me. Also, if I had to sit around and look at Hoffman's face for one more day I'd kill myself. Thank you to our clients at Type A. It's been a blast."

Bob is thinking of changing the company name to Type A-

Bob's Keynote To NAB Radio Show

Below is the text of the Keynote Address Bob gave to the National Association of Broadcasters at the Radio Show. You can view a video of the talk here.

The Golden Age Of B.S.

Thank you, Erica.

Hello boys and girls. My name's Bob and I'm here to talk about bullshit.

"Incredible Insights Based On Facts"

Reviews of Type A's presentation today to the Inman Connect Real Estate conference in San Francisco are rolling in. Here are some excerpts:

To inquire about having Type A add some juice to your event, click here.

Ain't It The Truth

"Whenever anything happens anywhere, someone over 50 signs the bill for it."  P.J. O'Rourke

Independent Is Good

It wasn't long ago that the agency business was the province of independent entrepreneurs. In the 1980's Y&R was the largest agency in the U.S. with a 1 1/2% share of the US advertising market.

Today, four global holding companies control over 70% of the advertising in the U.S. We don't believe this is a good or healthy thing.

Bob Kills It At Ad Week Europe

Bob was invited to deliver the “Spotlight Lecture” at Advertising Week Europe, which was held in London.

His talk was called “The Golden Age Of Bullshit” and shed light on the enormous differences between the predictions of experts and the reality of the past 10 years in advertising and media.

The fellow introducing and interviewing Bob is Mark Austin who is chief newscaster for ITV, the UK's largest private TV network.

Recognizing Foolishness In Everyone But Ourselves

One of the great truisms of marketing is that a good deal of consumer behavior makes no sense.

While we often go out of our way to scour Google for the lowest prices and the best reviews, we also frequently behave in ways that defy common sense. When it comes to buying stuff, or any other human behavior for that matter, we are not logic machines.

17 Mind-Blowing Facts About People Over 50

Here is the first video from Type A Group.

You need a strategy for talking to people over 50. That's one of the reasons we're here.

To share this video, go here.

Battle For World's Most Valuable Consumer

Last week, Type A was invited to speak at a conference sponsored by the 4A's and the law firm of Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP. The topic was "The Battle For The World's Most Valuable Consumer."  Below are the remarks.

Good morning boys and girls.

I’m going to try something amazing today. I’m going to try to talk and change Powerpoint slides simultaneously. This is not a core competency. It's sad. A few months ago I was the ceo of an ad agency. I had departments full of people who did nothing but advance powerpoint slides for me. Now look at me.

Why Everything Sucks


Thanks to Tom Pellack for this.

Top 10 Mistakes When Advertising To Grown-Ups

One of these days your phone is going to ring. Your boss is going to want to see you in his office.  He will say, "What is the biggest opportunity for growth we are currently missing?"

Microsoft's Surface Gets Buried

Several months ago, we made a presentation to a group of agency owners. The theme of the presentation was the foolishness of marketers who ignore people over 50.

One of the misguided campaigns we talked about was the introductory campaign for the Surface tablet by Microsoft.

The "Youth" Car Delusion

According to The Wall Street Journal, it's not young people who are buying "youth cars," it's older people.
"Appealing to the young has auto makers designing and marketing to the "millennial generation"—that group of consumers in their 20s and 30s whose numbers could rival the postwar baby boom that has dominated the auto market for decades. But senior citizens are making Swiss cheese of those efforts."
The auto industry continues to target 18-34 year olds who account for only 12% of subcompact car sales. Meanwhile they essentially ignore the 88% of the population who actually buy these cars.

The Most Valuable Generation In the History Of Marketing

Nielsen calls them "The most valuable generation in the history of marketing."

Forbes calls them "The most neglected wealthy people in the history of marketing."

They are people over 50.
  • Over 70% of the wealth in the U.S. is controlled by people over 50.
  • About half of all consumer spending is done by people over 50.

Type A's Go Hollywood

Last week, the Type A's did a satellite TV telecast to 150 TV stations across the US and Canada. We were invited by Noll Media to speak to these stations on the subject of improving the spots that they create for their clients.

Agencies Never Take Their Own Advice

Spend 15 minutes in an agency and the first thing you’re likely to hear is that the most important aspect of marketing is “differentiation” – communicating to your audience how you are different from your competition.

Car Marketers Driving Blind

As we've been saying, the automotive industry, along with just about every other industry in America, is completely out of touch with reality. Below we have reprinted an article from Edmonds.com in which they report on a study conducted by the University of Michigan that concludes that automotive marketing should be focused on people 55-64. Duh!

While You're Pretending To Work...

...put on your headset and listen to us on the BeanCast.

What They're Saying About Type A

We launched Type A on May 6th and it was a home run!

Thanks to all the people who wrote, tweeted and visited. And especially the people who called and wrote to inquire about our services.

We also made news in some of the top ad blogs. Here are some samples from AdPulp, AdScam,  Ben Kay and Sell,Sell.

Bob's Book Hits #1

Bob's book, 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising, reached the #1 spot on the Amazon charts for advertising books.

Amazon updates its charts every hour so titles tend to jump around. But for most of the past few months 101 Contrarian Ideas... has been in the top spot.

Rampant Fraud In Online Advertising

A number of reports recently have brought to light an extraordinary amount of fraud in online advertising -- particularly in what are called "ad exchanges" -- that are costing advertisers hundreds of millions a year.

If you're interested, a good place to start is this series by Adweek reporter Mike Shields.